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ADI Rehab, Inc was founded in 1999.

We are proud of the success of the care we offer patients.

We are 1 of only 5 clinics in Los Angeles that service UCLA HMO insurance.


Top reasons to choose ADI REHAB, Inc.:


1. Why should I pick ADI REHAB versus the other Los Angeles based clinics?

At ADI REHAB, Inc, you will work with your physical therapist 1 - on - 1 during the entire treatment session. There is no switching between therapists and your dedicated therapist will be guiding you all the way to the finish line.

Your personal physical therapist will always be a better guide to a more complete understanding of your unique problem.

2. I've heard every clinic say they have experienced staff. What makes the staff here experienced?

All of our physical therapists have all been practicing for 10 years or longer and have achieved a minimum of a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy. All our staff are licensed by the California State Board. We do not accept new graduates, so you can be assured that you are with highly experienced professional.

With continuing education, our therapists stay abreast of the latest advances in the fields of medicine and physical therapy, allowing them to provide the most highly specialized evaluation and treatment techniques possible.

Specialized Hands-On Care:

Manual therapy has shown to be extremely important in the healing process of patients in need of physical therapy treatment.

Having highly-skilled, manually-trained therapists has enabled our patients to achieve their goals.

Condition/Diagnosis Specific Exercises:

Each condition and patient has its own unique solution and set of exercises that are necessary for recovery. We do not believe in using "cookbook recipes" to solve a complex problem, but rather patient and condition specific functional exercises.

3. How soon can I get in to make an appointment? How long do I have to wait? I am in pain now.

With the past and recent economic changes in medicine, many clinics fail to get their patients scheduled in a timely manner or even discharge you early regardless of your progress.

At ADI REHAB, we will always schedule you within 24-72 hours and we won't end your treatment prematurely.

4. ADI REHAB´S commitment to success:

ADI REHAB was opened in 1999 with one goal: to get you back to a full active life.

Our therapists educate every patient to prevent future injuries from occurring.

We are committed to your success, and train our staff to consistently focus on your needs.

Both of our offices are owned and run by physical therapists, ensuring you the highest quality of service.


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