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Sean Hampton photoSean Hampton, MPT



Sean received his Master's of Physical Therapy degree from Mount St. Mary's College in Brentwood, California in 1993 and has worked in the orthopedic, sports, spine and chronic pain settings for 19 years. Upon completion of his master's he went on to pursue his US residency in the Maitland Manual Therapy approach to give him the foundation to learn and grow at the outset of his career. Ever since then, he has been applying the values of evidence based treatment to the varied techniques, theories and approaches he has been introduced to at conferences, lectures, courses and by colleagues.


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Lisa Fierstein photoLisa Fierstein





Lisa attended University California

San Diego where she earned a

bachelor's degree in psychology

with a minor in biology. She then her

earned a bachelor's degree in

physical therapy at California State

University, Long Beach and a doctor

of physical therapy degree at

Arizona School of Health Sciences.

She is a part time lecturer at CSULB

and Mount St Mary's College where

she sponsored a doctoral thesis investigating the effect of Mulligan taping on lateral ankle sprains.


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Darlene Eubanks photoDarlene Eubanks



Darlene's passion growing up was sports, which ultimately inspired her

to become a Physical Therapist.

She went on to receive a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy with Distinction from California State University, Northridge, in 1998, and

has been practicing ever since.


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