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ADI Patient Testimonials


"I have been receiving treatment at ADI REHAB for various orthopedic diagnoses and I have had nothing but a positive result and experience during my rehabilitation."


Gary Gitnick, MD
Chief, Division of Digestive Diseases and Professor of Medicine
UCLA Medical Center



"As director of PM & R, I have extensive experience in the area of physical therapy and I can say that their treatment has been nothing less than exceptional.

I cannot count how many times I have had a patient come back to my office or call my office that has been to another office and say how happy they were after being treated at ADI REHAB.

My patients often have very complicated and hard to help conditions and their facility has been the most succesful in the treatment of their conditions."


David E. Fish, MD, MPH,
Director Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
UCLA Spine Center



"I have been receiving treatment at ADI REHAB for treatment to my neck and knees.

I have been very pleased with my response to treatment. I feel better around my office, with my daily activities and on the tennis court.

They have always run on time and I never saw anyone but my personal physical therapist.

In fact I had such great success, I sent my wife who had been told to live with her knee and back pain, and she is now pain free as well."


Daniel Neuman
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost



"Outstanding facility, Professional, Courteous, Encouraging.



Chris Taylor.
ACL Reconstruction



"I wish to thank the Adi Physical Therapy Staff, particularly Darlene, for my recovery that restored my mobility and healing in my shoulder and arm.

My progress in therapy seemed almost miraculous, and I am so grateful now to be well again.

Everyone was so courteous and willing to work with my schedule for appointments.

I highly recommend your therapy services to anyone who asks."


Candace Coster



"I met Sean Hampton after I had had several accidents - skiing, being rear-ended by a car and breaking my tailbone rollerblading. Sean was recommended to me by a great physician at UCLA. When the doctor gave me a list of several physical therapists, I asked who he would recommend and he immediately said Sean Hampton at ADI REHAB.

I had physical therapy sessions at ADI for about 3 months a few times a week. Sean is very knowledgeable at physical therapy and a 100professional with his clients. He's thorough and he makes sure you are getting results and feel better. Sean is also great at making you feel comfortable and he explains to you what is happening with your body in a very easy way.

ADI's staff is very friendly and accommodating."


Roxana Cortes



"Dear Sean
I´m writing this to express my deepest appreciation to you for for your marvelous services and the help you have been to me since I underwent back surgery for a severe herniated disk problem in 2005. Without your wonderful ministrations I surely would have had a far more difficult recovery, and the timely resumption of my extremely busy work schedule would have been impossible.

You have made a real difference in my life! Thank you, Sean."


Ann Philbin
Hammer Museum



"Sean Hampton initially treated me over 3 years ago after a surgical procedure on my leg. Sean has the ability to encourage me to exercise resulting in an increase in my flexibility, strength, and endurance. The treatment plan that he has recommended is tough enough for me to see and feel results but at level that does not discourage me from sticking with the regimen.

Sean's expertise as a physical therapist and professionalism make it a pleasure to be his patient."


Jon Jerde



"During my recent foot problem I found Darlene to be very caring and understanding. Through her interest and creativity she was able to determine the extent of my problem and taped my foot in such a way as to help me walk properly again. Since then I have not had to see my Doctor. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness and help."


Jerome Langer



"Dear Sean Hampton
I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and the wonderful staff at ADI REHAB for helping me with my various orthopedic issues. As you know, I have been dealing with a bad back, nerve compression and very sore difficult elbow. Every treatment that went by, I could feel the improvement in the way that accommodating during each and every visit. It was a pleasure working with you and I thank you for all that you have done.

Best Regards."


Cherna Gitnick



"Dear Sean
I want to tell you all my reconnaissance for your treatment. I was so much in pain, my back killed me and my leg was num when I met you and because your professionalism and your acknowledge I come back to my live and my regular activities, and avoided the surgery.

It took months and a lot of patience but despite that you are very busy we never feel that you are in rush. I always feel that I am your unique patient and you have all the time for me.

In this actual world where everything goes so fast, it is very appreciable to find a person who takes the time to listen his patient. It is very rare.

Believe on my loyalty and that I will never forget to refer you to my friends and my relative if they need a good chiropractor.

Yours very sincerely."


Maryse Sayah



"My name is Ashley Kempel and I have been coming to ADI Rehab and my therapist is Lisa.
A revised version of my background is I had severe scoliosis (67 degrees) when I was 15 years old. Which lead to me having a spinal fusion and two metal rods placed in my spine. The pain that came afterwards has been on a scale of 0-10 about a 6 (on good days) my whole life.
From the moment I came into your office Lisa "saw me" she took time to really listen to me and I knew this not because she was nodding her head but because what she was offering me worked! I left my first visit in tears of joy for finally after 16 years having someone really help me. This may sound small and or expected but I promise you it is not. I have been seen by top Scoliosis specialist, acupuncturist, physical therapists, pain management specialist and no one has been like Lisa! She is smart, present, understanding, has strong empathy along with motivation. She goes above and beyond with every patient that comes into your office. She really cares about her patients and it is evident in her patients. She makes me feel as though she cares about me as an individual and wants my greater good. This is such a blessing and I am so grateful for her! I can't help but tell everyone I come into contact with how amazing Lisa is! More importantly I wanted to tell you. I'm sure you know this but really wanted to impress upon you how terrific Lisa has been and a real answer to prayer!!!! Seeing Lisa is the best part of my week! There is no one like LISA!!!!!"






"I remember being diagnosed with RSD on December 14th 2006. I had been on crutches since December when I had felt my right leg buckle under me then a few weeks later felt the most intense pain I'd ever felt in my entire right leg.
I was on crutches until October 2007 when I first began working with Sean Hampton, after being referred to him by Dr. Steven Sampson.
I remember being hooked up to the Sympathetic Stimulator Unit for 40 minutes each session and that with every session my pain would go down a few notches and that after a month the incredible pain spasms in my right leg had decreased. I was also weaned off of the crutches after 1 month and Sean had to help me to learn how to walk again.
I am so very grateful for the team who helped me on the long journey out of the darkness of RSD. To Dr Steven Sampson for recognizing that I needed Physical Therapy, and for Sean's patience and understanding of this mysterious disease."


Jane Redmond - Age 34



Dear Cora,
If life has taught me anything... its to appreciate life and the people that make me smile and get healthy...
You fit both of those criteria!!!
I feel blessed that our paths crossed... and that you are a part of getting me stronger and healthy.. with your help I know it's possible!!!
I enjoy our time together, and my body enjoys your caring/compassionate touch.


Peace my friend ~ Sheri



Thank you so much for everything. Cora you helped me get back to playing and exercising without any pain or discomfort. It was fun and tough at the same time. You helped me get over the mental part of the injury, which I needed desperately. Thank you Lynda for all the appointments, cancellations, and re-schedules! You guys were fun but serious at the same time.


Thanks for everything. ~ Tai D.



My Therapist was knowledgeable, conscientious and showed dedication to her profession. Office staff was prompt, efficient and pleasurable to work with. The physical therapy program was well thought out and effective.


~ Hannan L. Joseph



Dear Sean,
I want you to know how much I appreciated all the great Physical Therapy and TLC throughout all our sessions and injuries, pre-op, post or and maintenance!
You have helped me become aware of bad posture habits, brought me back to feeling well and functional from my accidents and surgeries, and have taught me so much about my body. I loved our eclectic conversations too!


Warmest Regards,



As an athlete I've learned to play through my pain and injuries, but when my shoulder pain became unbearable I came to see Cora. I loved each visit because she challenged me and entertained me at the same time. After just one visit I could feel a difference. After each session my shoulder felt so much better. I am now able to play pain free! My favorite thing about my visits with Cora was how she would explain exactly what was going on in my shoulder and why I was feeling certain things. I learned so much! I can now play sports with less abandon because I have access to the greatest healer!


Thanks Cora! ~ Val Greenan



Dear Staff,
Hello, my name is Taylor Short. I am a patient and I love the service from Cora. I always go in and then make it the best hour in my day. She always has a smile on her face and is never slacking. She is wonderful to be around and always makes funny jokes. She has made my elbow feel 100% times better. Please give Cora credit because others don't experience the things I do. I am 12years old, but I hope you value my opinion.


Sincerely yours,
Taylor Short



My physical therapist Darlene Eubanks at ADI Rehab has been an amazing help in my back recovery process -- I don't know what I would have done without her!

I was diagnosed with a herniated L4 and torn S5 in August 2011 resulted in debilitating lower back pain that was drastically affecting my quality of life. I could barely walk or sit down, and the pain became so unbearable that I contemplated surgery but instead opted to try rehab -- and I had my doubts -- but I reluctantly came to ADI at the request of my spine doctor.

At ADI I met Darlene and thanks to her amazing patience, skills and determination my back is 95 percent better! She taught me various exercises to help improve my range of motion, utilized "biofeedback technology" (not sure if term is accurate) and most importantly provided real personal care that was simply the best. I cannot thank her enough -- she was truly a life-safer for me.


Henry Dodge



"When I came to ADI post surgery I could not raise my arm and only barely could turn my neck. When I left, I could practically swivel my neck like the exorcist and could do weighty bicep curls with my afflicted arm. They were diligent, patient, smart and caring and if ever I find myself in need of PT, there is nowhere else I would go."





My physical therapy at ADI was as important to me in my recovery from a back problem as was the surgery I had as the primary treatment. Therapist Darlene Eubanks virtually managed my care, telling me when I should contact my physician or surgeon for an appropriate procedure based on how I was doing with the physical therapy. She was creative in the exercises she devised for me, keeping in mind my interests, such as Pilates. I was impressed with how she owned my progress and supported my short-term goals on the way to total recovery (like wanting to be able to hike by my vacation time.) She encouraged me but with discipline, not mindless motivation, and that kept me trying my hardest and still looking forward to my next visit. She also was my authority on what hurt and why. The surgeons were such sub specialists that when I ask a neurosurgeon who specialized in the sciatic nerve about a new pain that developed in my leg , he said he didn't know what might be causing it. Since I had several trouble spots on my spine, and Ms. Eubanks had read my MRI, she gave me her opinion of where the pain originated, something the surgeon didn't do. When I wanted to buy a traction machine for my home that I thought would help, she made me practice setting up the same unit at ADI and working it without assistance before giving me her blessing so I wouldn't waste my money. She was really my lifeline to healing and I was sorry to be told it was time for me to finish with formal physical rehabilitation and continue on my own. She is a very skilled professional, with strong interpersonal skills that allow her to connect with a wide variety of individuals. I highly recommend her services!


Sally Blowitz